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August 2019

I’m not quite sure where the last few months have gone, but August here we are!

If you are seeing my Facebook page for Quilts and Quilting,  you will know I have had a delivery of a new range of wide backing fabrics. I do find the photos often don’t do the best for the colours so let me know if you would like a swatch sent out to look at before you order.

You don’t have to be having your quilt quilted by me to buy any of my backing fabrics or threads. I’m looking more like a shop every day.

As many of you now know, this is my full-time business, so no long waits for your quilt to be done. 2-3 weeks is my target! I have 2 machines, one a manual Gammill and the other the computerized Gammill Statler. My specialty are Edge-to-edge designs.

Do give me a quick call if you are planning to come and see me as this is a 7 day open business as many of my clients work in town during the week, so I make the weekends available for them. Saying this, I am a one man band so take a day off when I can to spend time with my husband and family. I even try to get to the odd quilt retreat for my own pleasure!

Please, have a look through this site and feel free to give me a call if you need any more info or want to talk about your quilt top.


Happy quilting,

Bronwyn Hamilton.

021 1677299

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