Quilts and Quilting New Zealand

April 2020

Welcome to my site and I hope this finds you well and happy at this unsure time with the Covid-19 virus.

Unfortunately, I am not an ‘Essential Service!’

I am getting some of my own projects done while the work is being made at your homes. As soon as we are able to, I will be up and running to get your quilts finished. Please be aware, I may need a few weeks to get the bulk of the quilts done and may need more than the 2-3 weeks I normally offer.

I am happy to offer help with Quilting questions by phone or just for a chat. I am trying to get gardening done when the weather allows and don’t have the phone with me at these times. ( this is something new as I’ve always carried the phone around in the past)

Stay safe all and enjoy the time at home sewing