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January/February 2019

Another year and the prospect of wonderful creations!

I had wonderful news at the end of last year, my daughter is expecting and due in May. I see pink baby quilts being made! I have seen some wonderful ideas with all the quilts I have done for you all, just not totally sure what to do yet.

You don’t have to be having your quilt quilted by me to buy any of my backing fabrics, just let me know what you want, I can even send a sample swatch if you want to check the colour.

As many of you now know, this is my full-time business, so no long waits for your quilt to be done. 2-3 weeks is my target! I have 2 machines, one a manual Gammill and the other the computerized Gammill Statler. My specialty are Edge-to-edge designs.

Please, have a look through this site and feel free to give me a call if you need any more info or want to talk about your quilt top.


Happy quilting,

Bronwyn Hamilton.

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